Unite with other fans to support
content creators on any platform

Anywhere a content creator can post a link, they can receive Buskoin
from their fans, no advertiser oversight, no demonetization.

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For Fans

Install the plugin and use your computer's idle time to earn BK to donate to your favorite makers, gamers, educators and entertainers online

For Content Creators

Embed a customisable link on youtube, twitch, or any other platform to start accepting BK

How Buskoin works

Use your computers idle time to make BK coins to give to your favorite content creators.

  • Simple Plugin Interface

    Just install the plugin, and start earning BK coins!

  • Your computer, your way

    The Buskoin plugin is easily managed to run as low or as high priority as you want.

  • Open and Honest

    Buskoin will never hide any activity and will never collect or sell your information.

  • Block malicious miners

    The Buskoin plugin will automatically detect and block malicious miners installed on sites.

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