Frequently Asked Questions


What about BAT (Basic Attention Token)

  • BAT is a fantastic platform and concept with some unfortunate core flaws. I feel that requiring users to adopt a new browser is destined to fail. It inherently restricts the platform and limits its platform by tying it exclusively to advertisers. While I believe advertisers will become an important agent in monetizing content-creation, they currently wield too much power over platforms.

Will mining BK slow down my computer?

  • The miner built into the BK plugin will make use of “Idle” time. Time which your computer is doing little or nothing. It will be throttled to prevent having any effect on your browsing, gaming, or any other activity on your devices.

Will mining BK raise my energy bill?

  • With the Buskoin plugin you have control over how much processing power your system uses.

Will Mining BK hurt my computer?

  • Mining BK will never hurt your computer or in any way reduce its lifetime.

Can I refund any BK that I send?

  • BK is a cryptocurrency on the blockchain and can not be refunded.

Can I buy or earn BK?

  • We will be launching a platform in the future to allow buying and trading BK as well as an advertiser based platform for earning BK by viewing ads, filling out surveys and other activities.

How does Buskoin make money?

  • As the originator of the BK currency, there is an initial allotment of BK coins dedicated to funding and maintaining the project. As BK becomes popular, the coins will become more valuable. BK will also be charging a small transaction fee for cashing BK out to fiat currency such as USD. There will be no transaction fee for donating to a content creator and BK will never “double dip” transactions, however there may be transaction fees dependent on the blockchain network.

Why can’t I just buy BK right now?

  • The cryptocurrency world is inundated with scams, and allowing people to buy BK from the start would erode the trust required to make this project successful. Once the community supports buying BK, it will become available. This platform is dedicated to being open and will never hide who is investing in, or creating BK.